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Explore Natural Beauty at Cairns Botanic Gardens

Posted in Attractions @ Oct 28th 2015 8:26pm - By Administrator
Mt Whitfield Conservation Park

Heading to Cairns one of these days? Make sure to plan your journey well. Book an accommodation in Trinity Beach and be close to all Cairns’ wonderful attractions such as the Cairns Botanic Gardens.

Witness the beauty of tropical plants at one of Australia’s best exhibitions of tropical plants. The garden is divided into several botanic spaces. Explore each and discover many diverse plant life.

•    Flecker Garden
The Formal Garden of Cairns Botanic Gardens features various tropical flora which can be found in the jungles of Africa, South America, South East Asia, and Far North Queensland. The garden also exemplifies a broad range of plants such as bromeliads, exquisite orchids, ferns, insect eating pitcher plants, shade giving trees and palms.

•    Centenary Lakes - Saltwater and Freshwater
This one features two lakes and the first one is Saltwater Lake. This expansive garden is surrounded by waters from the Saltwater Creek and showcases a large collection of tropical fruit trees and shrubs. It displays a delicate balance among animals, plants and water within its environment.
Freshwater Lake, on the other hand, is a large garden that showcases a palm collection, freshwater and swamp plants as well as lake. Established in 1975, Freshwater Lake has been developed into a swampy, safe haven and home to various bird species such as black ducks, black-necked storks, cormorants, and magpie geese.

•    Rainforest Boardwalk
The Layered Tassel Fern (Huperzia phlegmarioides) once thrived in this habitat. Now under the Queensland Government Endangered Species list, this special environment became the plant’s home. Besides that, a species of bird called the Lovely Fairy Wren (Malurus amabilis) can be frequently seen in the area.

•    Mt Whitfield Conservation Park
If you’re interested in hiking, Mt Whitfield Conservation Park has three hiking trails. You can take a walk and witness stunning views as well local marsupial that live in the area. Just make sure to stay on walking tracks at all times for your safety and the park’s well-being.

Besides these, there are still many other activities and gardens to explore. For convenience, book a stay at our Trinity Beach resort. It has everything you need for a relaxing Cairns break, not to mention, access to Cairns Botanic Gardens.

Book now - https://bf.hisitedirect.com.au - and explore the natural beauty at Cairns Botanic Gardens.

Image Source :   Mt Whitfield Conservation Park




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